About Us

Microfinance Alliance Africa Projects Foundation is a 501C (3) organization EIN number 83-2763495 registered in the state of Illinois.

Maap Foundation Vision

We envision a day when sick and poor Ugandan mothers and children are not turned away because they cannot pay for healthcare.

Our Mission

MAAP Foundation builds alliances connecting vulnerable women and children in rural Uganda to essential healthcare and support services. We strive to build lasting relationships between women, healthcare providers and microbusiness partners to improve lives in Ugandan communities.


Checks can be made out to MAAP Foundation and sent to the following address: 126 E. Wing Street #258 Arlington Heights, IL 60004.

or Electronically on line at https:/www.maapfoundation.org/make-a-donation

Email: MAAPFoundation@gmail.com

Stratigic Priorities

Fund: Develop funds to promote health and economic growth.

Serve: Provide lifesaving healthcare to underserved women and children in Uganda.

Sustain: Support self-reliance through investment in sustainable business models.

Empower: Foster leadership and independence amongst women and entrepreneurs we serve.

Share: Demonstrate compassion through the stories of the women and children we serve.

Origin Of Medical Missions

The MAAP Foundation was established by Don Grossnickle, a Catholic deacon from Arlington Heights, Illinois, after visiting Uganda to celebrate the ordination of a dear friend. While there, Deacon Don was invited to tour the St. Jude’s Clinic where he met Mother Teo, a midwife and the clinic’s founder. Don witnessed women who were pregnant and being treated for complications like dehydration, infections, hypertension, malaria, pre-eclampsia or in need of a C-section to safely deliver their babies. Mother Teo told tragic stories of pregnant women who arrived at the clinic in critical condition. Some didn’t survive. Mother Teo explained how the clinic wanted to help these at-risk mothers and babies. Her challenge was lack of funds to cover the cost of treating so many women and children who come to the clinic. It broke her heart to have to turn them away.

As Don toured local clinics throughout rural Uganda, he heard similar stories. Deacon Don promised Mother Teo that he would bring awareness about her mission to save mothers and babies to his friends in the United States. The MAAP Foundation was established in 2018 with a mission to connect women, babies, and children in rural Uganda with lifesaving healthcare and education. Conditions Faced by Women in Rural Uganda

Women in Uganda live against a backdrop of poverty, poor sanitation, lack of clean water and no access to lifesaving healthcare. With limited access to transportation, poor road conditions, and an under-resourced health system, many women in Uganda do not receive timely, quality care. The MAAP Foundation strives to support health worker training, lifesaving resources, and community outreach and health education for women in rural settings. Poor women in a lower socioeconomic group may have less education, a poor diet, and barriers to healthcare. Less education often contributes to an earlier or unplanned pregnancy. Lack of nutrition can lead to health deficiencies and poor pregnancy outcomes. Not getting quality care puts women at risk for infection or other complications that could otherwise be managed by a doctor or midwife.

For more detailed information about our organization, please visit www.MAAPfoundation.org

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