Locations of MAAPF projects in Uganda

Locations of MAAPF projects in Uganda.

2023-2024 Projects Being Reviewed

Microfinance projects begin with a grant loan application. All proposals go through a rigorous review criteria. At present, we have received the following loan applications:

1. St. Matilda - New-$5000 pig farm to serve financial struggles with malaria. Click here for progress

2. Nyenga - Expanded $5000 project poultry to help address added poor seeking help. Click here for progress

3. Kyarumba - Expand to include a $5000 poultry project to address shortages of medicine Click here for progress

4. Soroti Clinic -  A $5000 new poultry farm project to aid financial struggles dealing with malaria Click here for progress

5. Masaka - New St. Denis construction, restoration, equipment $5000 (loan). Click here for progress

6. St. Philomena, Kasese region - required flood rebuilding, new, basic services, a $5000 forgivable loan to create a cassava milling operation. Click here for progress

7. KKonge Clinic Expansion - Malaria prevention, expansion of $5000 poultry operation. Click here for progress

8. Kasese - New dual parish community based clinic renovation. $5000 each. Project to include cassava milling. Click here for progress

9. Soroti - (Fish Farm) Agribusiness experiment for c-ray and ultrasound. Piloting a $5000 Fish Farm. Click here for progress

10. St Jude Clinic - $5000 Expansion and outreach mobile mission to address malaria, vaccination, and prevention education .Click here for progress