MAAPF Medical Mission Journey April 18-28 Chicago-Uganda East Africa

Urgent Alliances Mission Uganda 2022 - photojournalist David Klein and Deacon Don Grossnickle are traveling across the globe actively connecting with many people in Uganda concerned about growing improved community access for the poor helping them connect to urgently needed healthcare.

The main mission of the journey April 18-28 is to continue building leadership alliances among US friends and Ugandans concerned with improving access to urgent healthcare serving the poor. Klein and Grossnickle are representing US based 501 non profit, Microfinance Alliance Africa Projects Foundation (MAAPF), an Arlington Heights, Illinois based charitable foundation.

Detroit TV Journalist David Klein and Deacon Don Grossnickle, President and Founder Microfinance Alliance Africa Projects Foundation Planning Medical Mission 2022

Our journey will be gathering and sharing in the form of a daily blog style progress report transmitting insightful views via an internet based travel medium. We will highlight relationships and personalities encountered. Our reports will describe urgent alliances already in action focused on addressing a lack of accessible healthcare for the poor in 18 rural villages in central Uganda locations. MAAPF has a presence working on this mission in 8 alliance locations with works in progress.

The MAAPF volunteer board of directors and sponsors support this 4th medical mission planning journey to Africa. This trip especially focused on advancing the growth of forming detailed leadership alliances to address challenges facing struggling mothers and children with malaria and other urgent needs in local village communities.

Since 2013, MAAPF connects US friends to Uganda friends sharing a mission to form alliances pursuing a vision of improving access to quality medical care for all, especially financially poor mothers and kids in rural underserved areas.