Happy Mother's Day from Uganda


olunaku lwa bamaama olulungi

(Happy Mother's Day in Ugandan )

 Dear Friend of MAAPFoundation:

Mother’s Day is special for the MAAPFoundation as our priority is to address the unmet urgent medical struggles of impoverished mom’s and babies. In rural Uganda we find villages where 75% of those who require medical assistance do not have the ability to pay. We invite you to join us and help give a “mother’s day” donation that helps clinics provide life giving medicine or services and avoid sending away sad begging mothers.

For almost 10 years, persons like you have invested in our 28 projects all over Uganda. We do not pass out charity. Instead we invest your donation in establishing a village based community owned agribusiness like a small pig or chicken farm. Profits support the mission for mothers and babies ultimately saving lives.

Please invest in our 10 new planned microfinance clinic projects. God’s healing works are accomplished miracle through you.

Our campaign goal is $6000 which is the cost of starting up one new 2023 microfinance Uganda agribusiness village project.

Thank you for interest and consideration,

Deacon Don
Microfinance Alliance Africa Project Foundation

Donations can be made securely on our website at www.Maapfoundation.org/make-a-donation

Or, if you prefer, Checks can be made out to MAAP Foundation and sent to the following address:

128 E. Wing Street #258
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Again,  Thank you