Girls stay in School Project Update


Kasia Janus and Maapf making a difference with Girls stay in School Project.

Orientation meeting at Kakone primary school 

 Trainers and the students of St. Egidio primary school.

Trainers and the Parish pastor on 'Reusable Sanitary Pads project' orientation day.

Sewing machine and Sanitary pad in progress

Girls learning to make reusable sanitary pads 

Liquid Soap preparation session at Kakone primary school.  In the first picture, the Parish pastor happily prepares liquid soap with his students.  Teamwork :) 

 Sanitary pad making continues.  According to Sister Marcellina, this project is very unique, and the teachers, the students, and the community are so impressed to have this project in their remote village school.  The photos show how involved everyone is in this project, even the Parish Pastor, himself learning to mix liquid soap so the girls can keep these pads clean by washing them with the soap they had just made.  

Students and teachers learning how to cut the materials for the sanitary pad project,  Sister Marcelina was impressed how eager and engaging the students and teachers were in learning how to make the pads. This just makes my heart so full to see how engaged the girls are in this project. 

Email note from Sr. Marcellina Biira,  Kasese Uganda


Dear Kasia,

Cordial greetings from Kasese.

I cannot thank you enough with deacon Don for bringing new life to my vulnerable chard to reach community and our girl child to go to school while secure from embarrassment in case menstrual periods begin while at school.

Now am getting daily calls from the whole district and beyond that I should extend this service and training to them because this problem is general but because of limited resources AI cannot manage.

This project has has been impressed by everyone who has had about it.

We continue to pray that God may find a way for us.

Stay blessed.

Sr. Marcellina