Fish Farming Buys Medicine and Urgent Care

Soon the MAAPFoundation and local village partners shall be ready for Tilapia and catfish to grow. This venture microfinance in Soroti Village in Eastern Uganda East Africa hopes to translate the profits into medicine and care for moms and babies for medicine and urgent care for those who cannot pay. Thank you for your generous support.

We are growing all across Uganda in our experience and helping the poorest of the poor sharing your compassion with God’s people struggling and seeking a source of hope.

This is the MAAPFOUNDATION’s first fish farm enterprise begun by Dr Edward Engulu well known Uganda physician and founder of an exemplary clinic that serves the local church community and others in desperate need of medical services.

MAAPFoundation adds fish farming as an experiment to other ventures in Uganda partnering communities. We are partners in dairy farming, growing corn, beans, coffee, raising pigs, and poultry as small farms teach the community to build upon US microfinance start up investments. These unique local leader based  agribusiness ventures with assist from MAAPF mentors strategically lead plans to attain economic independence and local initiatives for clinical caring for the needs of those suffering hard times.
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