Many Births in Uganda Require Special Care

Many births among Uganda’s nearly  45 million person population require special care, or without help the mother or child might die. We who see the lack of accessible care for impoverished look at Mother’s Day with optimism hoping to improve medical care for the poor.

We hope you see how much your generosity matters and realize you can make a difference helping us help clinicians. Every day in the clinics we partner with their  struggles. We ask: : how many persons needing urgent care will be turned away because they cannot afford to pay?  Our 10 year record of success in our all clinics are sponsored by volunteer US based outreach. We count on generous donors.

On behalf of the Uganda clinic staff and the mothers bringing new life into the world, we thank you. Your impact in our daily work is extraordinary.

We recognize that our mission ahead sees that there is still much to do, We are intent to do our best to  add additional clinic locations for bringing care closer to women through our expanding outreach program.

Please visit our web site as you can see case histories there showing how moms and babies who struggled through a troublesome delivery experience happiness.

We hope you will be moved to respond to our call to action. We cannot save all those who need a helping hand. However, your gift is an investment that really can help us make a tangible difference, and for that,  We are very grateful. 

Deacon Don

Founder and MAAP Chairman