Cows to Medicine Uganda: You Can Help


What an idea? Invest in dairy cows to produce milk sold for profits that can pay for impoverished rural Uganda moms and baby unpaid medical bills?

Note: microfinance is not a completely original idea as Heifer International has been lending livestock to give people all over the planet offering a gift as a helping hand to improve themselves.

Yes, that was my idea: “Cows Against Malaria Project” CAMP was formed as I begged $1000 for each heifer purchased and with generous helpers donated animals to Uganda small financially struggling Catholic rural clinic. Our growing mission is to help clinics and local leaders pay bills in order to purchase and distribute malaria and other meds. Looking back:

US generous friends placed 2 donated cows in Nakifuma Clinic in 2017

US donors placed 18 cows in Masaka for Bikira clinic 2018

8 cows donated in KKonge clinic and built a cow barn 2019

8 cows in Nyenga clinic.2020

Our new idea is to keep helping clinics and communities, but not with expensive cows. In 2018 we applied to become Microfinance Alliance Projects Foundation as  a US 501 c3 charity. 

We are experimenting with $6000 poultry and piggery start up agribusiness farms. The idea is to teach clinic communities to stand on their own after a helping had to start a sustainable profit maker. We will try pigs, chicks, eggs, fish, cassava most any microfinance agribusiness. The goal is to use generous donated funds so that especially moms and babies can have access to malaria and other meds even if they are too poor to pay.

Please see our web site and make a donation? Help us start a project to add to our current count of 15 community clinic agribusiness locations?

For $6000 you can adopt an entire community clinic project.