Chicken Feed Grows Eggs

So happy 500 baby chicks have started a small poultry microfinance start up farm in Nyenga Uganda. Soon with the $5000 invested by compassionate US donors eggs will be produced and sold for medical treatments. Our goal is to mentor village leaders to improve the local community’s ability to care for their own. Local villages present a proposal on paper with a detailed plan of working with the MAAPFoundation in the US to earn supplemental income to assist financially struggling clinic personnel. Together, we help pay bills for impoverished moms and babies who need urgent assistance but cannot afford to pay. Eventually, we work with a community so that with experience they can appeal to a bank who will invest in their ability to pay back loans and care for the needs of the community.

Our goal in 2023-24 is to have 23 sustainable clinics in Uganda helping hundreds of moms and babies. Our current projects are successful in agribusiness poultry, pigs, crops, livestock and fish.

You can help us with just a $10. Donation. This amount pays for 3 clinic visits for the economic poor.

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Thank you.

Deacon Don, Founder MAAPFoundation on a mission since 2013.