Expensive Lab Equipment Attracts Patients Who Can Pay for Services


Donating a laboratory microscope and ultrasound machine represents a big turning point in the history of St Jude Clinic in Nakifuma trading Center location. The photo shows a remodeled facility proudly on display by Mother Teo the founder of the clinic. Way back in 1970 Nurse midwife Teo and her husband created a basic first aid station giving much needed service available especially to pregnant women. In 2014 things began changing for the better as Mother Teo wrote letters asking friends in the US to help her better equip her clinic. A growing number of patients sometimes 100 or more each day flood the waiting room begging to receive urgent care.

Mother Teo and nurse midwife Everlyn manage their private clinic and must pay for medicine and supplies drawing from meager fees the require for services. The problem is 70 out of 100 only give excuses why they cannot pay. This means that the life blood keeping the clinic open comes from patients who pay for services. Operating a high tech lab with $600 microscope for diagnosing malaria in blood samples helps pay bills. A $6-7,000 ultrasound machine is essential in delivering difficult baby deliveries. So when Deacon Don sent along funds to locally purchase expensive equipment  St Jude clinic became known in the community as a highly desirable clinic attractive to paying clients.

Today, building on the technology, US donors helped Mother Teo remodel her clinic creating a modern equipped $26,000 all donated surgical facility. This makes Sy Jude an approved government inspected Level 4 facility. Mother Teo has attracted surgeon, Dr Ken Kigonia on call to serve the community.

This great success story came to life via Teo’s vision coupled with generous US donors who continue to administer service to  thousands. Today we are happy to share daily miracles coming to life.

St Jude was our first MAAPFoundation project. With your donations we hope soon to install our 23rd clinic project.

Please visit us at: www. MAAPFoundation.org and make a life changing investment in our ongoing story.