Learning From Success: Uganda Remote Clinics

 Serving those who need health care in Uganda is a common ground work of our MAAPFoundation and an organization called: HAC. HAC is Healthcare Access Connect. Today via zoom we spent two hours investigating how we might work together to serve those who need care but are underserved. Deacon Don and Kasia Janus members of the US board consulted with HAC cofounder and current executive director, Kevin Gibbons. Kevin was visiting Tampa Florida family as he lives in Uganda.

Our MAAPFoundation in Uganda opens doors of extreme poverty to begging person who need urgent healthcare but have no money. For 10 years we have experimented searching for ways for local communities to engage in agribusiness to gain profits that can pay clinic bills for those who cannot pay.

HAC mobilizes level 3 and 4 healthcare workers and finds ways to set up remote clinics serving those too far from accessing available services.

We look to continue sharing ideas to further similar missions and visions through collaborative ventures. Thanking Kevin and HAC. 

Please visit the HAC.org website.

Please visit MAAPFoundation.org to donate and help us keep clinic staff from closing doors.

Deacon Don