What can one deacon do to change the world?

 Deacon Don carried a donated ultrasound machine in his suitcase to St Jude Clinic in Uganda in order to assist midwives help mothers with breech deliveries.

To readers:

We would be so happy to hear from you. We as the US based MAAPFoundation 501 are at a great place of renewal and expansion. Our medical mission started by helping one Uganda nurse midwife save her clinic from bankruptcy. I stepped up as an inspired Chicago deacon and gladly came to her rescue. Mother Teo the founder of St Jude clinic showed me what just one person can do to build God’s kingdom by saving lives.

Soon our 16 clinic projects will expand to 25 parish based community agribusiness microfinance venture capital projects in 14 diocese. We hope to expand our access to 100 remote clinic locations via a partnership. Please visit our web site: MAAPFoundation.org.

We really need help telling others about our unique approach that emphasizes community development over charitable one time initiatives. Our alliances build independence and capacity to help the community attend to their own impoverished persons needing urgent care. US donors invest in a start up incubator agribusiness such as piggery or poultry enterprise. Each of our alliance affiliate communities seek to produce sustainable profits that meet the ongoing demand for free medical care for those who cannot pay.

I would love to chat: Will you help us share our story?

You are most welcome!