Years of Sustainable Progress

Pictured are 2023 health care workers from 10 sub parishes in the KKonge Catholic Parish. We are proud that after five years our collaboration remains strong in the ongoing fight against malaria. We congratulate Fr Denis for his remarkable sustained leadership.

Caption: Uganda publicity: Fr Denis and US Deacon Don, co founder of MAAPFoundation.

In 2017-2018 The US based 501 MAAPFoundation awarded a $15,000 start up incubator grant to KKonge Parish near Kampala as a community wide support initiative to deal with rampant unchecked malaria. The project scope includes a 40 square mile area encompassing the community needing immediate attention. 

An 8 cow dairy cattle breeding farm herd was initiated in 2018 by local pastor Fr Denis in cooperation with MAAP. Together they began a project organized to produce milk that could be sold for medicine and secure medical care of the community. (Especially mothers and babies as a priority)

Today, the herd is 28 strong milk cows and a bull. As young heifers were born they were loaned to sub parishes in order to expand the herd and increase income benefitting the central clinic which coordinates the extensive medical outreach. (See above photo of a gathering of su parish workers.)

The MAAPFoundation efforts in Uganda began unofficially in 2013. The fledgling outreach began with local US donors sending financial support to Mother Teo and her near bankrupt clinic. Midwife founder Teo in 1970 opened St Jude Clinic. Today the thriving surgically equipped hospital unit is located in Mukono District Nakifuma commerce community villages innCentral Uganda. Between 50-100 come to the clinic. Unfortunately near 70% cannot afford medication and services. MAAPFoundation helped Mother Teo find ways to boost her supplemental income and thus serve the poor.

Based on the success helping Mother Teo with the building of a $5000 piggery Deacon Don brought the agribusiness financed concept sponsored by US microfinance start up benefactors from St Raymond de Penaford Parish near Chicago.

Today, the MAAPFoundation is repeating successive projects all over Uganda partnered with private church based clinic who help poor mothers and babies pay their bills. Income from agribusiness provides sustainable monthly supplemental income for village clinics. The great benefit is local healthcare workers keep the clinic open and do not have to turn away begging patients who need urgent care but cannot afford to pay.

You can help the MAAPFoundation by visiting our website and making a donation of any amount. Each gift becomes a sustainable investment in the lives of those who face medical needs and struggle financially asking for compassion and mercy.