Global Ministry As A Mustard Seed Adventure

Mothers and babies in Uganda beg for medical help and sometimes there are compassionate persons who hear their cries:

One who heard my cries for help was Deacon Greg Kandra. He is a hero. Not very long ago US Deacon Deacon Greg Kandra allowed me to submit a guest blog to send out to his very big following. What a gift of much needed assistance.

Because of that blog:

I heard from one reader who was enthusiastic about joining our MAAPFoundation efforts in Uganda rural clinics and was moved to make a contribution. The results have grown like the mini mustard seed biblical story. Today that first  contribution made helped establish more than 5 village clinic support projects in struggling Uganda villages. Maybe a thousand moms and babies are helped every month because of that boost to our work. Wow!

Getting the word out to persons in the US about great but unknown medical needs thousands of miles away is a challenge. 

However,-We do not want to hide the success of what is happening to save impoverished mothers and babies in need of urgent care hidden any longer.

Like a giant, “jack and the beanstalk”- upward growing vine the MAAPFoundation ministry is growing tall. We are proud of clinic progress success stories happening all across a very large country of near 50 million people.

Please review our story and consider joining us in some way:

Prayers, send a note of encouragement, make a donation, send an email inquiry, volunteer.