Saving 50 Million?

Bishop Christopher Kakooza from Lugazi Diocese 
                                   with Deacon Don

Unafraid: Big dreams, Big Challenges. My friends are 14+ leaders in Uganda trying their best to save 50 million needing urgent healthcare. I love helping them. We as MAAPFoundation believe we have ideas to help make a positive difference. How energizing it is and how encouraging as hundreds become helpers and join our crusade. We believe: each person we save is worth not quitting. My (our) work is Commerce and clinics. Little village clinics strive to make money to rescue some of their own poor begging for help. We are winning $ battles in more and more villages: pigs, corn, coffee, cassava, beans, chickens,Tilapia fish, eggs—are all small business run by Ugandans. We are busy kick starting projects. First we believe we can together raise medicine money and believe in their hope. Join us? ❤️