Facing Death Without Help

 This young mother received surgery in the clinic center created by US donors. The facility was built with $25,000 all contributed by small amounts by persons who believe they personally can make a difference saving a life in Nakifuma East Africa. The surgeon is Dr Ken who largely is a volunteer.

The woman complained of pain in her abdomen and could not conceive a child she desired. Ultrasound found at our Nakifuma Village St Jude clinic found a tumor.

Dr Ken removed what turned out to be a large baseball size tumor.Itcwas malignant. The woman was escorted to a national hospital for treatment. Cancer treatment is poorly done for people with no money. Sadly, her story will most likely end in a premature death.

The MAAPFoundation was founded in 2013 by a collaboration of US and St Jude staff believing they together can save lives. Our story for 10 years has expanded from one clinic rising above poverty to now serving projects numbering more than 20. It takes $5000 to bring a small farm enterprise to a clinic community who can translate farm profits into a story like building a surgical center.

You can help. Comment and reach out to us and join our crusade.