Iron Gates Keep Mothers Away

 At the entrance of many private healthcare facilities in rural Uganda locations are situated large iron gates that seem to guard the entrance. To whom are they meant to keep out?

Inside clinics expensive blood and medicine can be given to those who can pay. Typically, complicated malaria fever can threaten the life of those overwhelmed by the disease. People know that medicine is expensive and resist making an often long journey to a clinic unless it is absolutely seen to be necessary. The cost of services is prohibitive and they wait. 

$25. Is a typical price for the blood and injectable anti malarial drugs for a cure. This for many Ugandans is a fortune way out of reach for them to afford treatment. What are their options? Borrow from friends and family? Beg the clinic for credit? Beg for charity?

Private clinics can only exist if people pay for the meds and services. It costs to hire personnel. Typically as many as 70% of patients who come for treatment claim that they cannot afford to pay. For clinic officials, what are they to do?