Improvising Miracles: Habitats for Healing

 Uganda East Africa presents herself with great beauty and is called, “the Pearl of Africa”. As I discovered her in 2013 during a vacation to witness the giving of a man’s life as a Catholic priest I learned more about both the external beauty of the land as well as hidden struggles of her people.

Poverty among Uganda's 50 million people exerts great pressure in the form of a medical and physical test. The people right for survival against disease. Those too poor to pay for private care in a clinic must fend for themselves.

The public government healthcare system is heavily criticized. Too few facilities. No medicine where it is needed. Corruption and graft as rich and powerful are served while poor turned away.

Catholic clinics run by community parishes try their best to pick up the slack but they too fall short in being able to serve. The formidable iron gates art the entrance of the clinics send a offputting message: You and your poverty are not welcome here: SORRY!

Improvising a habitat for healing falls to creative Good Samaritan “ types of generous altruistic souls filled with compassion. But, what can one healthcare worker swallowed up by a throng of daily beggars at the gates? Who will give up first, the healthcare worker with no pay and no medicine to distribute or the begging patient who walks five miles with fever, only to be turned away at the gate.

A creative solution is embraced by the MAAPFoundation of the US. MAAPF is a USA crowdfunding volunteer group establishing microfinanced start up farm enterprises. The farms generate fund so Good Samaritans can triage the most needy. It is a step in the right direction.

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