Microfinancing Works?


Microfinance Builds Sustainable Healthcare Access in Uganda Villages

 Ugandans are eager to have ready access to healthcare for themselves, their families and community. Local leaders working with entrepreneur support in the US are creatively improvising profit making enterprises to keep front local medical services available especially to vulnerable mothers and young children. 

Ugandans know jobs are scarce and young and old must work to create their own positive future. Microfinance habits are part of the African culture. Striving to dig, to grow food producing excess to barter and sell is a way of life.


Since 2013 our US 501 based non profit volunteers make up the very active  MAAPFoundation. The model program has a vision of working along side and supporting financially struggling highly compassionate and dedicated healthcare leaders and workers committed to keeping clinic doors open. 

Via crowdfunded sources as a source of start up funds grants play a supportive role in providing financial and organizational logistical support. Global partnerships custom built in participating village coalitions strive to help ambitious communities get ahead and resist being a source of limitless charity seizing instead opportunities to model and demonstrate responsible microfinance investing.

In this way of collaboration referred to as: “Ubuntu”, which means growing together as one.  Families join as a village community pledged in unity to build a stronger, more self-sustaining future.

Proposals for change  are forwarded to local Uganda/ US advisory teams. These teams set up to convert local drive to engineer local profitable income producing agribusiness operations. Thus far, systems have been successful to build financially systems implementing access to urgently needed local medicine. 

The MAAPFoundation works to increase awareness of others to understand the Ugandan healthcare problems and possibilities. MAAPF seeks to bring together U.S. donors, partners and supporters who are encouraged to find purpose and satisfaction helping other unleash their potential . The mission is saving lives in need and promoting a healthy community one village at a time.