Mothering and Nurturing: A Life Force


“ No revolution is possible if it has not first begun in the heart and mind.”  …….Camus

In my journey of life I notice, that even among very young children a nurturing, a giving of hope, and sometimes a healing touch on behalf of another comes naturally. It brings joy.

What touches me about being involved in MAAPFoundation work is that my involvement brings about hope and, that it contributes to reducing struggles that can lead to healing. 

One might say that empathy gets my awareness going and my compassion motivates me into asking, “what is it? That I can do?, or should do?, or wonder: what will result, if I choose to do nothing?

As a biology teacher I studied Darwinism and clearly understand that it is the ongoing struggle for humans and all life for that matter that constitutes a driving force a raison d’etre- reason for being. Digging deep I have a burning desire to help clarify my life purpose of fulfillment on our planet. I seek to understand my mission as a humble yet contributing factor in the lives of others.

Action has become a way of life that goes with my awareness and compassion. Local suffering stimulates motivation to translate my hope into a plan to give hope and often the gift of healing to another. I find advocating for others is satisfying and rewarding.