Taking Care of Their Own?

 Sharing a “Buzz Report” produced by the MAAPFoundation that is situated in a village in Uganda’s Jinja region. 

This Buzz Report shares an insight describing a “site visit” by MAAPFoundation team members as they evaluate the request of local leaders seeking a grant. Their grant proposal seeks $5000 invested by US donors. The grant proposes to set up a small sustainable and profitable pig farm enterprise. The proceeds of the ongoing profits for years to come add cash each month to the operational costs of running the local private charity clinic usually running at a financial loss.

Some 75% of the clients who come requiring medical treatment present themselves as not being able to pay for services. This means the 25% of paying clients bear the burden of paying the bills for the expenses for all. Monies earned by the agribusiness are funneled into a charity account exclusively used by the clinic director at discretion to pay for qualified patients.

Enjoy the video report that shows how a grant application is reviewed as a way to empower a village to care for their own: